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Have you ran into termite or other pest damaging your home? Have they been eating away your precious investment, one stud or floorboard at a time?

If you do, the time to get rid of them and act is now!

Stop the problem before it’s too late

Termites are difficult to get rid of once they’ve invested your home. They live in colonies that fighting your walls, floors, and ceilings, and are very difficult to fully get rid of. Even if you get rid of a majority of them, if there are only a few left, those you can multiply thousands, and slowly eat your home from the inside.

Spend a little bit now to save a ton in the long run

A common complaint that people have is that termite extermination seems seem to be fairly high. A team has to come in with environmentally controlled substances and protective materials and fully exterminate your entire house.

The cost of taking care of the problem now is a fraction of the cost it would be to go through repair your house later after you’ve not taking care of it for years. They will go through and eat out your studs, floorboards, savings, and every single piece of internal wood that you have in your home.

This only leaves your house in a state of disrepair, but will potentially make it unsafe to live in, and definitely unable to sell in the future.

What to do about your termite problem

If you do have a termite problem, the only thing you can do right now to see your home is to call an exterminator. Our team here at Leading Edge Termite is highly experienced in dealing with termite extermination problems all over the country.

We have worked with teams and installers all across the United States, all BBB A+ certified, and verified by an independent studies to be of the highest professional quality. Because we work with hundreds of companies all across the United States, we can get you the lowest deal in your area.

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